Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: 12 Essential Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Dated: February 22 2024

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When was the last time that you checked your smoke detectors? How about the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent? The best way to maintain a healthy home goes beyond just dusting and vacuuming. Well you're in luck! Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about preparing your home for the warmer months ahead. After a long and cold winter, your home may need a little sprucing up to get ready for the change in seasons. In this blog, we'll share 12 tips to help you get your home ready for spring, so you can enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather to the fullest. So, let's get started!


Replace Filters

Making sure that your filters are replaced including water, your range hood, and air filters. You should replace these filters every 3-6 months depending on the type of filter you have.

Clean Out the Dryer Vent

A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. To clean it, disconnect the vent from the back of the machine and use a dryer vent brush to remove the lint. Outside your house, remove the dryer vent cover and use the brush to remove lint from the other end of the vent line. Make sure the vent cover flap moves freely.

Scrub Walls, Baseboards, and Outlets

Get everything clean! Scrub all the walls, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and living areas. Do this using a sponge or brush and mild soap and water. This includes the baseboards and outlets. Make sure to completely dry the outlet covers before replacing.

Clean Faucets and Showerheads

Unscrew the faucet aerators, sink sprayers, and showerheads, and soak them in equal parts vinegar and water solution. Let them soak for an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Keep Allergens Away

Keep dust, mold, and pollen at bay by decluttering your home, checking pipes for leaks, and keeping the air clean.

Test Smoke Alarms

Test smoke alarms and CO detectors, and change out batteries as needed. It’s cheap, only takes a few minutes, and can save your family’s lives.


Clean Gutters

Grab yourself a ladder and check your gutters for debris. Remove as much as you can with your hands but don’t forget to wear your gloves! Remove any leftover gunk with a garden hose. Take off any nozzle and have someone help turn on the water when you’re ready. Show the hose into the downspouts to push out any gunk. Make sure your downspouts channel water at least five feet from your foundation walls.

Check Foundation Vents

A house with a crawl space has vents along its foundation walls. These vents provide air circulation and help to prevent excess moisture and mold growth, and they prevent critters from taking up residence underneath your home. The screens collect leaves and other debris from fall and winter. Spring is a great time to clean these vents out and to check them for damage. Clean the vents by hand or use a shop vacuum. Repair any damaged screens to prevent critters from getting through even the smallest of holes.

Prep Your Garden

You can’t have a successful garden without good soil. To prepare your soil for spring, start by clearing away any debris or weeds to promote proper aeration and nutrient absorption. Next, enrich the soil by incorporating organic matter like compost or aged manure to enhance its structure, fertility, and water retention abilities. Conduct a soil test to analyze pH levels and nutrient deficiencies, then amend as necessary with lime or targeted fertilizers to establish ideal growing conditions for your spring plants. By following these steps, you'll ensure that your soil is primed and ready to support healthy and vibrant growth throughout the season.

Clean Outdoor Furniture

Start by giving your furniture a thorough cleaning using a mild detergent and water solution to remove dirt and debris accumulated during the winter. After rinsing it with clean water, ensure the furniture is completely dry before applying a protective coating of outdoor furniture wax or sealant to safeguard it from spring showers and UV exposure. While cleaning, inspect the furniture for any signs of wear or damage, such as rust or loose screws, and address these issues promptly to maintain its durability and enjoyment throughout the spring season and beyond.

Clean the Grill

For spring maintenance of your gas or charcoal grill, start by heating the grill for 10-15 minutes to loosen residue, then turn off the gas or let the charcoal burn out. Next, scrub the grates with a grill brush to remove food particles and grease, followed by wiping down the exterior with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Finally, empty and clean the drip tray or ash catcher, and check gas connections for leaks if applicable, ensuring a safe and efficient grilling experience for the upcoming spring season.

Spring is an ideal time to tackle home maintenance tasks that can help protect your property and ensure that it stays in great condition. From cleaning gutters and inspecting the roof to testing smoke detectors and servicing the HVAC system, there are many tasks that can help you prepare your home for the upcoming season. By taking the time to properly maintain your home, you can avoid costly repairs down the line and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in top shape. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get started on your spring home maintenance checklist today!

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